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Saving You From the Hassle of Court Proceedings

When you find yourself facing a personal or business dispute,
litigation is not your only option for resolution.

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Company Overview 

Our team of professionals at Jackson Matthews Mediation and Arbitration works diligently as both mediators and arbitrators to resolve conflicts and make decisions. In the case of arbitrations, we do this based on the evidence presented.

Often, Jackson-Matthews Mediation & Arbitration co-mediates with other mediators to assist in “high-conflict” situations. Or sometimes will use the collaborative method of mediation using industry specialist to assist in the process. A mediator does not act as your attorney and never gives legal advice. Rather, guides you through the process and help you reach an agreement that is satisfactory to each party.


Mission Statement

Our goal in mediation is to allow clients to keep the process confidential, affordable, collaborative,
and respectful while reaching settlements that work for both parties.


Meet the Owner

Ms. Sheryl Jackson-Matthews is a credentialed mediator (TMCA). She has extensive experience in business and family law, enabling her to facilitate issues of conflict and bring them to a point of resolution, wherein both parties achieve what they seek.

She holds a Master of Business Administration degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree from Ashford University, graduating with distinction and honors, respectively.

Sheryl also holds advanced certified legal assistant (Advanced Certified Paralegal or ACP) credentials in contract law. This is a crucial part of her training as it related to the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code—Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures section 154.052. Ms. Jackson-Matthews is a member of the following organizations:

    • Association for Conflict Resolution - Houston - Board Member
    • Texas Mediator Credentialing Association
    • Texas Association of Mediators
  • American Bar Association - Dispute Resolution Section
  • Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
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